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Useful Links

Tutorial : https://docs.disme.ga/tutorial

Tutorial ( Set Custom Prefix ) : https://docs.disme.ga/tutorial#step-by-step-tutorial

Tutorial ( Auto Generate Prefix ) : https://docs.disme.ga/tutorial#auto-generate-prefix-slug

Dismega : https://www.disme.ga/

Dismega Homepage : https://home.disme.ga/

About Us : https://docs.disme.ga/#about-dismega


Dismega, A Dynamic Link ( Link Shortener ) Service. Disme.ga Helps You To Shorten Your Link And Make Your Viewer Easier To Remember Your Link. Dismega Is A Free Service And Its For Everyone. Dismega Is Secure, Fast And Free.

Why Dismega

The Name Dismega Was Actually Discord Mega. Our Founder Used To Create A Discord Server List, But Then He Realized That Nowadays All The Discord Invite Links Were Longer And Longer, So He Started To Create A Service That Can Shorten The Link.

How Do I Get Support ?

You May Get Support On Our Discord Server ----- D I S M E G A | URL. Our Helpers Will Support You There.



Dismega's Information 👇

Founder : Joe Lee

Founded : 2020

Support Server : https://discord.gg/eXFnYWwW2V


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